One of the Worst PS3 Games Today You Have to Pay More Than 350 Euros – What Makes It So Expensive?

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With Ra.One one of the worst games for the PS3 was released in 2011. Today you have to pay a lot of money for it if you want it. But why do you have to pay so much money for such a bad game today?

Ra.One is a video game based on a science fiction film and was released in 2011. They tried to build on the success of a film that is one of the most successful (and expensive) Bollywood films in India to this day. The game is one of the worst PS3 games ever released among connoisseurs. But at least you have the copies of the game not buried in the desert like the awful ATARI-ET game

You now have to pay more than 300 euros for the bad game. This is mainly because you could never officially buy the game in Germany.

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Today you have to pay hundreds of euros for an exclusive Indian game for the PS3

What is it all about? At the end of 2011, Ra.One, a great science fiction film, was released in cinemas. In addition to the film, there was also a large budget for marketing: an extensive advertising campaign, lots of merchandise and also a video game, which was to be released at the start of the film.

When the film was released, the PS3 game Ra.One was released on October 26, 2011. There you shoot your way through dozens of opponents. You don’t need to know more about the gameplay, because that was really underground.

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The online magazine Indianvideogamer explains in the review that the game is incredibly bad. There are a lot of bugs that keep you from playing through and the whole game world seems generic and interchangeable.

On too reddit some explain how bad the game has been. As a user writes:

My 30-minute run was an emotional roller coaster ride. Laughing, crying, cursing myself and my life, relief…everything

If you want to convince yourself of the “quality” of the game, check out the gameplay on YouTube. We have embedded the video from YouTuber WindyCornerTV for you here:

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Why is the game so expensive? The Ra.One game was released exclusively in India. Sony also sold the game as a bundle with the PlayStation 3. You could never officially purchase this game in Europe, the USA or Japan.

However, if you decide to buy the game to complete your PS3 collection or just to find out how bad the game really is, the prices will blow you away. Because you have to pay at least 350 euros for the game on ebay.

You can buy the game on eBay for about 360 euros. But you probably don’t really want that.

More bad games: MeinMMO editor Alexander Leitsch has played the worst rated MMORPG on Steam for you. In his article he tells you if the game is really that bad or if it deserves a better reputation:

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