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Sony lures you with discounts of up to 80 percent on the summer offers 2022 for PS5 and PS4. We scoured the sale for the 15 best insider tips.

San Mateo – Summer is here and Sony wants to entice you with some really hot deals on the PlayStation Store. With the summer offers 2022 you will find over 2,000 titles, some heavily reduced. We’ll show you 15 insider tips that many certainly don’t have on their screens for PS5 and PS4. We have made sure that our recommendations are really cheap, but also convince critics.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

For PS5 buyers: save up to 80% on summer sales – indies and blockbusters with big discounts

How to save up to 80 percent: Sony launched the 2022 summer deals on July 21. In the official PlayStation Store you will find over 2,000 offers for PS5 and PS4. Even without additional PS Plus subscription costs, you can save a lot, depending on the title, thanks to the big discounts. Some games are 75 or 80% cheaper than the regular offer. Of course not all deals are worth it, we have rummaged through the bulging shop for you.

How long does the discount campaign last? On August 4, 2022 the deals in the Summer Sale will end. If you want even hotter offers at the high temperatures, you have almost 2 weeks to strike.

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It doesn’t always have to be the huge blockbusters like God of War Ragnarök © Sony

Here’s how the top games were chosen: Do you already know mega hits like FIFA or Call of Duty by heart? Very good, because we show you smaller indie pearls and strong titles that many mainstream gamers don’t have directly on the list. This guarantees variety, which also saves you a lot. We have selected our 15 insider tips so that you get really good content for your money. Additionally, we rely on Metacritic. The site adds up reviews and creates a rating average.

All of the titles listed here are clearly rated positively on the comparison site and are recommended by the editors.

PS Store: Summer offers attracts with over 2,000 deals – These 15 insider tips are particularly worthwhile

These are our insider tips in the sale: We have listed the 15 best offers here in alphabetical order. There you will find the link to the official PlayStation Store (there is also more information). For this we have packed the costs including discount and the Metacritic rating clearly for you.

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You are also welcome to take part in our survey on the deals for PS5 and PS4. Here’s how we can use a sentiment barometer to determine how hot Sony’s deals really are this year:

If you’ve had enough of the indies and lesser known pearls, you can also save on the mega hit 2022 for the PS5: God of War Ragnarök is even available for free, we’ll tell you everything about the deal. Have you discovered any other insider tips that many players don’t even have on their screens? Write to us and share your knowledge with the community.