Returnal: PC version soon on Steam? – News

Returnal: PC version soon on Steam?  - News

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Stands an announcement of the PC version of returnal soon before? According to the latest entries in the Steam database, then yes. For several weeks, more precisely since the release of multiplayer and new game modes on the PS5, attentive users have observed almost daily updates in the corresponding database of the Steam platform.

Initially rather inconspicuously, terms such as “third-person shooter”, “female protagonist”, “sci-fi” and “rogue-lite” were entered under the code name “Oregon”. Later, more explicit names such as “Atropos” – the planet the title is set on – and “Tower of Sisyphus” – indicating the new game mode – “Returning” and “Helios” – the spaceship of Selene, the protagonist. The Steam Achievements have also been updated and translated into 19 languages.

It is not yet clear when we can expect an official announcement or even release of Housemarque’s arcade rogue-lite shooter on PC, but it shouldn’t be long in coming. An early announcement would be in line with Sony’s strategy of gradually bringing PlayStation exclusives from recent years to the PC, thereby expanding the player base. This should also be achieved by the title’s recent inclusion in the three-tier PS Plus service. Should there be any news about the PC version, you will find out here on

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