Rockstar nerfs how you’ve been able to make money fastest in GTA Online so far – fans are disappointed

Rockstar nerfs how you've been able to make money fastest in GTA Online so far - fans are disappointed

Rockstar is changing a popular way to make big bucks in a hurry GTA: Online can earn. The nerf mainly affects many solo players who wanted to improve their account quickly and alone.

In GTA: Online, money and making money is an essential part of the game. Because many vehicles or houses cost a lot of GTA dollars. And those of you who want to get something done quickly need millions of GTA dollars for many things.

It is therefore not surprising that many gamers use every trick and option to boost their account. But a popular heist has now been nerfed by Rockstar. And a lot of gamers don’t like that.

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Long waiting times prevent you from making $100 million in a week.

What heist is it all about? So far you have been able to earn over a million dollars in 7 minutes with the Cayo Perico Heist. Especially for soloists who don’t feel like random groups or other players, the Cayo Perico was a lucrative way to quickly get a few million GTA dollars.

And that’s exactly what has made the heist so attractive so far: You could earn a lot of money with comparatively little time.

What has changed now? Rockstar is increasing the time you have to wait when you want to start a new heist (via Previously, you could restart the heist after about 15 minutes, but these times have been adjusted:

  • Solo players must now wait three in-game days in-game before being able to queue again.
  • If you play in a group, you have to wait an in-game day before you can join again.
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You can therefore no longer finish Cayo Perico and start it again 15 minutes later to collect a few million GTA dollars again. Now you have to wait almost 3 hours as a soloist before you can start the raid again.

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Players are angry about the adjustments to Cayo Perico

How the players react: In the GTA-Online subreddit, many players are upset about the changes to the Heist. Because the Cayo-Perico-Heist was a good way for many soloists to get money quickly.

Especially as a soloist you have to expect long waiting times, which may make Cayo Perico less attractive. And that’s exactly what annoys many users. Because many players just don’t want to look for a group of random players, because that’s just stressful and annoying. That’s how someone writes

Trying to do the original heists with randoms, queuing for almost 30 minutes just to get 3 more people so they can die and give up multiple times 5 minutes after the heist.

Many state that they would rather play alone than waste their time with “Randoms”. This change would hit exactly those players who just didn’t want these random players.

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