Sunday question: Which game magazine was your favorite in the 2000s? [Ergebnis] – News

Sunday question: Which game magazine was your favorite in the 2000s? [Ergebnis] - News


Which printed local games magazine was your favorite newspaper in that decade?

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The result:

The gamestar with 53 percent of the votes as king in the magazine ring for the survey participants from the GG user community. the PC games runner-up comes in at 8 percent, closely followed by the short-lived PC power play and the console veteran maniac. Another 8 percent of the participants counted themselves among the non-readers during this time or only seldom leafed through the magazines.

gamestar 53%
Back then I rarely/never read game magazines 8th%
PC games 8th%
PC power play 7%
maniac 6%
Other 4%
gamepro 4%
gee 3%
PC action 3%
Bravo screen fun 1%
computer image games 1%
N zone 1%

Original text:
Two decades ago, the magazine landscape as a whole was even livelier. There was also a rich selection of games magazines at the kiosks. We’ve already asked you about your favorite magazines from the 80s and 90s. This time it’s about which newspaper you liked to get the latest game information from in the 2000s.

Choose your favorites in the survey below and state your choice in the comments (or protest in the comments column because your favorite magazine, which was clearly the ultimate at the time, didn’t make it into the selection).

You can vote for the Sunday question until Monday at 09:00 – if you change your mind, you can still log in another answer until then. We will then close the survey and present you with the resulting opinion a little later in the form of a news update. Today’s question was a suggestion from Maikeru from the community. Do you also have ideas for a Sunday question? Then send a PM to Hagen. The link to the overview of the more than 200 previous Sunday questions can be found below under “Sources”.

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