The real cat behind Stray: Check out the talented voice actor of the meow sounds

Lala did her dubbing stuff really well.

Lala did her dubbing stuff really well.

The PS5 hit Stray has become very popular among both humans and cats. The reason for the reactions of real cats is probably due to the extremely talented voice actor who lent her voice to the protagonist from Stray. Now, on Twitter, we’re getting a picture of who’s behind that angelic voice.

Lala dubs Cat from Stray

On the Jankenpopp Twitter account, those responsible introduce the cat Lala, the voice actress of the cat from Stray. She is responsible for the mewing that we can trigger by pressing a button. But she can not only meow, her repertoire also includes purring and hissing:

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Her vocal power is diverse and impressive. The fact that a real cat provides the sounds in Stray is probably one of the reasons why so many cats react to the game in real life. And meowing is rewarded: If we press the meow button 100 times in the game, we get a trophy for it.

Unfortunately, those responsible did not reveal whether Lala will be used for further projects after Stray. We can only hope that this career move has been good for her and that Lala will be hired for more games so she can afford the best cat food.

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You can see what enchants us about Stray in the test video:

Stray really is one of the most beautiful games of the year - and it's really good too


Stray really is one of the most beautiful games of the year – and it’s really good too

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Stray is free for subscribers

Stray is playable at no additional cost if we have a PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium subscription. Unfortunately, it is not possible to play the title for free with PS Plus Essential. All further information about the subscription models can be found in the appropriate GamePro article.

If you’re stuck on Stray and need help with a trophy, you can browse the guide overview on GamePro. Here you will find all the tips and tricks for finding certain items that you need for certain trophies.

What chances do you give Lala of a Best Voice Acting award at the Game Awards?