Vigor GK71 Sonic: Keyboard with a particularly fast response time for professional gamers

Vigor GK71 Sonic: Keyboard with a particularly fast response time for professional gamers

from Rhonda Bachman
MSI has introduced a new mechanical keyboard aimed at professional gamers. According to its own statement, the Vigor GK71 Sonic is the “fastest keyboard in the world”, which should stand out with its particularly short response time. The Vigor GK71 Sonic is already commercially available.

The manufacturer MSI recently introduced a new keyboard. The Vigor GK71 Sonic is said to offer the world’s lightest linear mechanical key switches. It can convince with a fast reaction time and a particularly light pressure. The keyboard is intended to be aimed particularly at competitive gamers.

Lightweight design and instant responses

The keyboard’s MSI Sonic Red Switches should enable particularly fast reactions with their actuation force of only 35 grams and their linear feel. This should prevent fatigue and improve comfort and ergonomics, especially during long gaming sessions.

The Vigor GK71 Sonic features an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy top shell. This brings optimal durability and reliability. The x-shaped cable guide on the underside of the keyboard is designed to manage the cables of the other peripheral devices and prevent the cables from stretching, pulling or tangling with the table.

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The keyboard has ClearCaps, which have a two-layer design. The clear caps allow the RGB lighting to shine better, while the individual keys remain legible. Also included is an ergonomic wrist rest made of memory foam that can be placed anywhere. In the upper right corner of the keyboard there is also a dual-touch volume wheel and other media keys, which can be used to easily control media even in the middle of the game. The Vigor GK71 Sonic is already available from Amazon at a price of 109.90 euros.

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