WoW: Shame! We will not see these exotic specs in WotLK Classic

WoW: Shame!  We will not see these exotic specs in WotLK Classic

At the September 26, 2022 could be the launch of WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic expect. And what is the author of these lines looking forward to the most? On Northrend? Nope, you can still quest in Retail WoW today. On the first raid instances? Nooo. Naxxramas was only an issue in WoW Classic, the Eye of Eternity will be annoying from the second visit and the Obsidian Sanctum is just a nice quickie. But then what is it? I’ll tell you! The class design of the WotLK era. With the expanded talent trees and all the sensible additions that build on the already good base of the TBC era.

There’s a hair in the retro soup, however. WotLK Classic will be known to rely on Patch 3.3.5 for class balancing and design. While this means we’re in for what is arguably the most balanced version of the Northrend adventure, we’re also missing out on some of the exotic playstyles that were popular in Northrend at the time. In this special, I want to look back at some of those notable specs.

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The villain – honor among thieves

As a veteran rogue, the first playstyle that comes to mind is talent based honor among thieves. The talent was initially bugged in WotLK. As soon as you put more than one villain in the party, all villains in the party would instantly get combo points equal to the number of villains in the party for each critical hit from an ability. So with four or five villains in the group, they could almost consistently knock out 5-point finishers like eviscerate. bam! Unfortunately, thanks to several nerfs, the HaT villain will be unplayable in WotLK Classic PvE.

Fan of Knives spam with silence effect

in one Video by Youtuber WillE I stumbled across a second rogue playstyle that I had completely forgotten. The reason for this: Blizzard didn’t need too long to trim the power curls of this exotic. It’s about villains again, but this time a little too often dagger fan used in PvP. But what’s the problem with that?

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