After Steam demo: Soulslike action RPG Thymesia with release date [Update: 9 Tage später]

After Steam demo: Soulslike action RPG Thymesia with release date [Update: 9 Tage später]

With “Thymesia” a new Soulslike title will be released in the summer, which combines elements from the Krabat saga with the epidemic theme, which evokes associations with the European Middle Ages. To announce the release date on August 9, 2022, the development studio Overborder and the publisher Team17 presented a new trailer. In addition, since May 2nd, interested parties can try out a demo for the action RPG Thymesia as part of the “Going Rogue Festival” on Steam to get an insight into the game until the final release in three months. The festival runs until May 9th and so does the demo.

Diseases as weapons in the fight against monsters

According to the developers, Thymesia is set in a kingdom that once flourished through alchemy. The attempt to stop this, however, plunged it into an age of disaster. As a result, monsters are said to have spread quickly on the streets, as well as chaos in general. Here the player slips into the role of the protagonist Corvus, who has lost his memory and has taken on the task of finding the solution to the riddle.

Thymesia: Soulslike Action RPG in the release announcement trailer

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In Thymesia, bosses are said to have deadly diseases that you have to extract from them and use as a weapon yourself. The player can transform into a raven and use its feathers like daggers in battle. In addition, the movements and plague weapons in Thymesia should be able to be modified and upgraded, so that players are able to create their own fighting style. The game also offers freedom of choice, which can lead to different endings depending on actions taken, including picking up objects. Thymesia will be released for PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Release delayed by nine days

Update from 07/25/2022: As developer Overborder Studio and publisher Team17 have announced, their Soulslike action RPG Thymesia will not be released on August 9th, but nine days later and thus on August 18th. The reason for this is said to have been the community feedback on the demo:

“After listening to community feedback on the recent Steam demo, we made the difficult decision to push back the release date for Thymesia a few days, to August 18th. We are 100 percent committed to making the best Experience that is possible to create for Thymesia and these extra days allow us to achieve that by making changes and bug fixes that there has been a demand for across all platforms.”

Source: Steam

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