Exoprimal: New trailer introduces dinosaurs from Capcom’s action game

Exoprimal: ​New gameplay for dino action, network test already in July

For many players, the real protagonists of Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter series are the different monsters. They all have unique designs, behaviors, attacks, and more. While leveling these is up to the players, there is definitely a lot of development going into the various monsters.

In Exoprimal, the dinosaurs are loose

Capcom is now trying a new IP with Exoprimal, which is probably based a little on Monster Hunter. In the game, players, either alone or in teams, face off against a variety of dinosaurs, from the imposing T-Rexes to the smaller raptors. Exoprimal also features creatures such as the Neo-Ankylosaurus, which will likely present a real challenge for players.

A new trailer from Capcom is all about the different dinosaurs. In the Dinosaur Introduction, players get a first look at the different dinosaurs they have to fight in Expoprimal. If you like the different monsters in Monster Hunter, you will definitely like the dinosaur species. For example, the Evoker Neosaur can probably summon other dinos to help him in battle, while the Pyro-Neosaur envelops the battlefield in blazing flames.

In order to even be able to cope with this threat, players receive support from various exosuits, each of which has a different role. For example, the Deadeye tends to stay at long range, while the Roadblock fends off enemies with its massive shield. There is also a kind of healer with the witch doctor.

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