Hisui Washakwil comes this week as Shiny – That’s how strong the new raid boss is

Hisui Washakwil in Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO sends you free raid passes to catch the new Hisui Washakwil in hyper bonus, it can even be shiny.

San Francisco – Pokémon GO is launching a fresh event this week: Hisui Discoveries. In addition to the well-known 3 new monsters, there is now a new raid boss, and even as Shiny. Hisui Washakwil is an alternate Pokemon, but is it worth it? We’ll show you its stats and what other goodies, like free raid passes, the Hyper Bonus will bring you on July 31st.

name of the game Pokemon GO
Release (date of first publication) July 06, 2016
Publishers niantic
series Pokemon
platforms Android, iOS
developer niantic
genre Augmented reality, mobile

Pokémon GO: New raid boss is coming because you were so busy – Hisui-Washakwil is so strong

When does the Hyper Bonus start in the Hisui event? Because your trainers have been so diligent, the new event “Hisui Discoveries” with 3 new monsters in Pokémon GO gets a hyper bonus. Nearing the end of the event, everything revolves around raids. The bonus starts this Sunday 31st July. You then have the chance to get the new raid boss, Hisui-Washakwil, and the other bonuses from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Hisui-Washakwil is so strong: The new monster is Flight/Psycho type. The alternative to the “normal” Washakwil, both of which develop from Geronimatz, has a different type combination (flight / normal). But the status values ​​are also redistributed in the Hisui form:

  • Attack: 213 (Rank 231 / 983)
  • Defense: 137 (Rank 531 / 983)
  • HP: 242 (Rank 34 / 983)
  • Max CP: 3,181 (Level 50)
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Pokémon GO Hisui Washakwil © Niantic

You can see that Hisui-Washakwil has enormous HP in Pokémon GO. Unfortunately, the defense leaves a lot to be desired, so you can’t play the monster optimally as a tank. Attack stat is solid. How strong Hisui-Washakwil will actually be depends heavily on the attacks. Unfortunately, nothing has been leaked from Niantic yet.

Is the new monster shiny? Hisui-Washakwil know trainers from the Switch game: Pokémon Legends Arceus. As Shiny, its plumage turns black and its large “eyebrows” turn blue. A picture of the dazzling Shiny variant from Pokémon GO can be found here:

However, Niantic announced that the new raid boss in Pokémon GO can be shiny on July 31st. However, the Hyper Bonus Day brings two more monsters in their dazzling form and additional bonuses to sweeten the event for you. If you want to know which are the 25 rarest shinys in Pokémon GO 2022, you’ll get smart here.

Hyper Bonus in Pokémon GO brings free raid passes to the Hisui event

Two more raid bosses may be caught on July 30th because you’ve been so diligent in earning the hyper bonus. The monsters are not new in Pokémon GO, but are welcome as shiny to complete the collection:

  • Unown S*
  • Sodamak*
  • With a star

we always mark all Pokémon that can be shiny on our siteThese new bonuses are there

  • : Next Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. there will be more hyper bonuses in Pokémon GO. Niantic wants you to let it rip in the raids. After all, the new Pokémon is waiting here. To animate you, there are these improvements:
  • 5 free raid passes when you rotate arenas – even valid until 4 p.m
  • 50% more XP for winning Raid Battles
  • The chance of getting XL Special Candies from local raid battles is increased
  • Your friendship level increases faster when you fight, open gifts or trade
  • You can store 30 gifts in the event (instead of the normal 20)
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You can open 45 gifts and send 150 gifts on July 31st

Keep in mind that the event “Hisus Discoveries” in Pokémon GO itself does not start until Sunday. But already this Wednesday, July 27, 2022. The event brings you 3 new Hisui Pokémon and, among other things, the extremely strong dragon monster Dialga. So it’s worth playing beforehand and then getting off to a good start on Sunday for the hyper bonus.