Horizon Forbidden West: Has work started on the DLC?

Horizon Forbidden West: Has work started on the DLC?

Dutch stuntwoman Peggy Vrijen, who modeled for Aloy’s animations, has donned the performance capture suit again. Are you starting work on the Forbidden West DLC?

For Horizon Zero Dawn, the Frozen Wilds expansion was released around eight months after the main game. Fans who watched Horizon Forbidden West (from 37.99 at buy) have already played through, of course, hope that an additional chapter will also appear for the action-adventure.

Taking to Instagram, the stuntwoman who helped capture the main character’s smooth animations posted that she’s now back in the studio and looking forward to new challenges. However, your post has since been removed.

Ashly Burch lends her voice to Aloy

While Peggy Vrijen is responsible for the movements of the main character Aloy, the actress Ashly Burch is the godfather for the voice. The look was borrowed from actress Hannah Hoekstra. That’s not unusual, because if an accident happens on set for the performance capture, the recordings would have to be stopped. For this reason, as in the film, a stunt woman is used to avoid this danger.

Following Peggy Vrijen’s Instagram post, fans are now suspecting that this might be a first, faint hint of add-on content for Horizon Forbidden West – particularly as there’s a photo of her drinking from a mug adorned with the Hatchery’s logo.

The quick deletion of this Instagram message also indicates this. There is no official announcement yet, but one can certainly assume that there will be a DLC for Horizon Forbidden West sooner or later.

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