MoMoCa 7/25/22: The tragic loss of loyal companions – News

MoMoCa 7/25/22: The tragic loss of loyal companions - News


A new week is beginning and the lazy times are over. A part of the editorial staff is returning after being somewhat absent. However, he is stricken by a tragic loss.

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Work can be so beautiful. The boss is on vacation, the bathtubs are filled with ice water and the rubber duckies are happy that they no longer have to swim alone. This is what Hagen and Dennis’ last few weeks looked like (at least in theory). But now the dissolute life is over, Jörg has returned from Italy and is fully motivated. Well, today he’s still struggling because of a forgotten utensil, but he still routinely pulls through the podcast. User questions are answered, the preview is presented and there are a few anecdotes.

The timecodes of this episode:

  • 00:36 Hello from Jörg and Dennis!
  • 01:13 Jörg suffers from massive caffeine withdrawal and misses an old friend
  • 08:38 GG week preview: Hagen and Dennis have together Halo Infinite played, in a report we highlight the biggest mistakes that developers can make with remakes and jump in at the deep end in a Steam Blind Date. Also, we test Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Digimon Survive. Jörg takes a close look Strategic Command – American Civil War and Michael Stallion has thought about the subject of money in his column.
  • Besides, you urgently need to keep an eye. Because there are two live streams waiting for you this week! Once on Thursday Elden ring away 7:00 p.m and on Friday from 19:00 a first live FAQ to the Japan documentaries 2022.
  • 10:15 p.m. The Sunday question in the recap including the answer brotherSamedi: Which game magazine was your favorite in the 2000s?
  • 25:14 More user questions: crizzo wants to know how we can get test samples
  • 29:05 Maestro84 inquires about our exit plan
  • 31:01 Jonas S I finally want to have a sausage in my profile
  • 34:20 Sathoria worried about Jörg’s health
  • 36:10 We’re not shirking any more work. A nice week!
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