New Avengers villain said to be ‘very different from Thanos’

New Avengers villain said to be 'very different from Thanos'

Just yesterday has Marvel dropped the bombshell at San Diego Comic-Con and announced the entire phase 5, including highlights like the second season of Loki, Blade or Thunderbolts. But even more exciting was the unveiling of two Phase 6 films that usher in the return of the Avengers and the new endgame represent.

With Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, Marvel fans finally know officially what the current preparations are for stage 4 with the countless series and new characters will result. The title of the first new Avengers film already reveals which villain will make life in the multiverse hell for the Marvel superheroes: Kang the Conqueror.

The New MCU Menace: What Does Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Say About Kang?

Also commented on that Marvel boss Kevin Feige under the SDCC and betrayed opposite, which for him constitutes the charm of the antagonist. According to him, one of his most exciting characteristics is that there are many different variants of him, which makes him very different from the previous Marvel menace of the Infinity Saga, Thanosdistinguish:

“What I love about him is that Kang is totally different from Thanos. He’s totally different. He’s not just a bigger purple guy with a helmet, that’s not Kang. Kang is a very different kind of villain and he’s The fact that he’s many, many different characters is what makes him so exciting and different.”

actor Jonathan Majorswho in “Loki” is the only version of kan embodied that we have seen in the MCU so far is greatly appreciated by Feige: “It’s amazing and I said to him there’s no one I’d rather dump the Multiverse Saga on than his. It’s very impressive what Jonathan Majors is capable of and all the different incarnations, variants, if you will, we’ll see from him.”

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