OP ability in CoD Warzone is considered the “stupidest perk” – old weapons have grandiose counters

cod warzone best weapons season 4 2022 nz-41 assault rifle

The latest perk Windend/Serpentine from Call of Duty: Warzone is considered unfair and too strong. But there is a strong counter that you can find on the old weapons from CoD MW 2019.

With Mid-Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone, a new perk came into play: Winding / Serpentine. It reduces incoming damage when you run.

20% is the reduction in damage while sprinting. Too strong, many players of the free Battle Royale think. This makes the game more difficult, and players with good movement also have an advantage.

But there is an effective counter in the game: If the perk really gets on your nerves, then look for an old weapon from CoD MW and a specific weapon perk: Fragile – Inhibit.

By the way, with Season 4 CoD Warzone got a new map. See more of it in the trailer:

CoD Warzone finally shows more of the new map in Season 4 – trailer and pictures of Fortune’s Keep

CoD Warzone: Extra from CoD MW renders OP perk useless

How does the weapon perk help? With Fragile – Inhibit, you drive your Writhing enemies insane. The skill affects the sprint ability of your opponents and is an extra attachment for weapons from CoD MW 2019.

Each hit on the enemy slows the enemy. This disables the Windend perk. If you catch the opponent’s legs, the tactical sprint is also unavailable for a short time.

Well-rehearsed Windend opponents count on their sprint and the reduced damage. If the perk is suddenly not available and there is also a slowdown, this leads to uncertainties and a strong advantage for you in the weapon battle.

In return, however, you have to do without a Vanguard weapon.

The NZ-41 is currently considered the top weapon – but has no Windend counter.

Which weapons from CoD MW are useful? The weapons from the latest CoD have taken over the meta in Warzone after a few teething problems. However, the differences are not in the “OP area”. Weapons from CoD MW 2019 are also valid and strong.

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It is important that you have enough bullets in the magazine and choose a weapon that has little recoil. Here are a few stable MW weapons in the current meta:

  • Bruen Mk9 – LMG
  • M13 – Assault Rifle
  • M4A1 – Assault Rifle

Are you always looking for powerful options for your weapon setups, then have a look here: CoD Warzone: The best weapons with setups – constantly updated.

Why is “Writhing” considered an OP? The damage reduction is too strong for some players. Warzone combines extremely stable weapons with fast movement and Windend ensures that movement is even stronger.

For Mid-Season 4, which starts on Wednesday, July 27th, a nerf to the new perk is at the top of some players’ wish lists.

There was a discussion on Reddit that the increased life points together with the perk make the Battle Royale much more difficult (via reddt.com). Here Squirming is called “the dumbest perk in CoD history”.

It is not yet possible to say with certainty whether a nerf will come. As soon as the Mid-Season 4 patch notes are online, you will find out more about them on MeinMMO.

Do you also have an opinion about the Windend perk in Warzone, leave a comment.