Stray: The best game of 2022 according to user ratings on Steam

Stray: The best game of 2022 according to user ratings on Steam

Until the Game Awards 2022 in December once again one of the countless new releases of this jam-packed year of games “Game of the Year” there is still a long way to go. Nevertheless, in view of the games that have been released so far, heated discussions about who has been ahead by a nose break out not only because of the summer heat.

If after Steam users it seems clear anyway: it’s not Elden Ring or the Power Wash Simulator that are currently the best-rated game on Valve’s platform, but the one that was only recently released Stray (buy now ). Also in In our test, the fluffy adventure with its chic graphics and the even chicer cat got a pretty good grade.

This cat has the fur nose in front: Stray is the most popular game of the year on Steam so far

But the over 40,000 Steam users Stray seems to like it a whole lot better: the cute cat adventure comes at a phenomenal rate of 97% positive reviews. With around 38,800 players, Stray was able to score points and thus overtakes all other games of the year. In the Steam sales charts, on the other hand, it “only” ranks second behind the Steamdeck.

Noisy Steam250 Stray gets a grade of 8.6 and even leaves the formerly PlayStation 4 exclusive hit God of War in the dust – even if the gap to the God of War is noticeably small. The single player adventure of Sony Santa Monica With more than 37,000 ratings on Steam, it only achieves a score of 8.59 and one positive rate of 96%.

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Purely in terms of approval rating, it’s the acclaimed everywhere Elden ring By the way, no competitor: Only 90% of the ratings are positive, which is probably due to the numerous performance problems on the PC. Granted: With nearly 400,000 reviews However, when it comes to the interaction rate, Elden Ring plays in a completely different league than Stray and God of War.