Stray with new superlatives: Most popular Steam game 2022 and weekly top seller

Stray with new superlatives: Most popular Steam game 2022 and weekly top seller

from Oliver Jaeger
The cyberpunk cat adventure Stray knows how to convince shortly after release. According to the Steam250 website, the game with the stray cat as the protagonist should already be the most popular game in 2022 and would have supplanted God of War. Stray is also at the top of the Steam top sellers in calendar week 29.

Released just last week, the Steam hit Stray meanwhile dominates the world of video games. All it took was apparently a cat as a playable main character. Last but not least, this is due to the fact that the four-legged friends enjoy a special status on the Internet.

On July 19, Stray celebrated made its debut on the video game distribution platform Steam and conquered the hearts of the players before and of course also afterwards. Since July, the cyberpunk adventure starring the cat has been the most-watched game on Steam. The number of users was also impressive after the release. The title reached a peak of almost 63,000 players. At the moment, this value is bravely staying in the five-digit range, albeit only at around 15,000.

Stray – Extremely popular and well sold

What about the data situation a week later? Stray has already become the weekly top seller, at least as far as the games are concerned. Raft was knocked out of second place because of this, while the Steam deck has steadfastly held first place for weeks and months. Another statistic makes it clear how popular Stray actually is. This will be on the website and shows, for example, the 150 best Steam games per year, sorted by player favourites. As for 2022, Stray has catapulted to the top with a score of 8.61 percent after just six days. God of War for PC is in second place with a score of 8.56 percent.

Stray: Gaming Hammer or Katzenjammer?

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Overall, according to Steam250 data, Stray ranks 49th among the most popular games on Steam, making it into the top 50 in a very short time. Should this trend continue, the cyberpunk cat game could progress even further in this statistic and perhaps at some point compete with the “big three” Portal 2, Terraria and Stardew Valley.

Source: SteamDB, Steam250

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