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The productions of new Apple devices are in danger again due to COVID-19


It seems like the never ending story but but, because it is not a story. It is a reality that continues to hit people’s health, the economy of countries and the work and personal decisions of each person. COVID-19 continues to hit hard and the measures to alleviate its effects continue to be very different depending on the country in question. With the idea of ​​achieving a zero COVID in China, the authorities continue to propose drastic measures that affect the entire world, as that country is an engine of the economy of the rest. Now, Apple suppliers face restrictive measures that can get worse and that would mean a shortage of components and devices.

Foxconn, Apple’s largest supplier of components, is currently facing new restrictions imposed by the Chinese authorities, to alleviate a new outbreak of COVID-19. The Chinese government does not want it to expand again and has decided to close certain companies or restrict their way of proceeding. In the case of Foxconn, the measure that means that its workers cannot leave the factories and therefore must live in them has been reinstated. They are prohibited from seeing family members or any outsiders.

The company tries to minimize this measure but faces that if the outbreak worsens, the measures will be even more limiting. It is expected that at the moment workers continue with production as before, but it is likely that if things get worse or the workers become exhausted from the conditions they have to face, production will drop and with it the material to produce more devices, which can mean a delay in orders and even a price rise of them.

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Two and a half years later, It seems that history repeats. Hopefully not in the same way.

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