Weird Game on Steam wants you to refund it – If you make it

Weird Game on Steam wants you to refund it - If you make it

Who does not know it? You buy a game, but it’s completely different from what you expected and you don’t enjoy it at all. Steam allows you to return a game in such cases. A horror game now takes advantage of this option and challenges its players to have it refunded.

What game is it? Refund Me If You Can (German: “Refund me if you can”) – the name says it all. The developers challenge you to pack up the game in less than two hours and then return it.

Refund Me If You Can is a horror game from indie developer Sungame Studios.

If you manage the challenge of successfully completing the game in less than 2 hours, you can have the strange title refunded on Steam, including the purchase price of €3.99.

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What is the game about? In Refund Me If You Can you play Sarah and are trapped in a nightmare. You can only free yourself in one way: you have to find the exit from a labyrinth.

According to the Refund Me If You Can steam page from over 100 different paths, but only one of them will lead you to your goal.

So that you don’t forget which way you have already walked within the labyrinth, you can throw glow sticks that serve as markers.

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“Roblox has scarier games.”

What are the players saying? Refund Me If You Can was only released on July 22, 2022, but already has 28 reviews on Steam, which could give a first impression of the quality of the title. Overall, 75% of the reviews are positive, but opinions are still divided.

  • Gap Six via Steam: “No, I don’t think I will.” – the player’s response to the challenge to return the game
  • p0fuduk via Steam: “Roblox has scarier games.”
  • Elle TGC via Steam: “It’s challenging, but not fun. It’s easy to do, but the gameplay isn’t good at all. […] Also, it’s way too loud and there aren’t any volume options.”
  • TRIG via Steam: “The game is good and has a fun concept of reaching the end in 2 hours. I probably won’t even refund it, I want to support this developer.”
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What do you think of the idea of ​​making a game with the challenge of beating it in less than 2 hours to get a refund? Will you try to escape the maze?

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