WoW: The end of Rextroy’s frog tricks and how to become invisible forever

WoW: The end of Rextroy's frog tricks and how to become invisible forever

from Sebastian Glanzer
In a new WoW video, Rextroy becomes a talking ghost. A trick with the Dark Iron Mole Machine renders him completely invisible to friend and foe alike. However, the video also has a small moment of sadness: Oneshots with frogs will no longer be possible from now on.

Going forward, Rextroy will have to come up with something different for his one-shot videos. Because his partner in crime, Gently squeezed toad, has been changed from a neutral target to a friendly NPC. The low-health toad pet has historically been essential for the tricks Rextroy used to kill opposing players in one fell swoop or became an almost invincible raid boss.

In his latest video, he shows how he found out about the change and how sad his toad colleague is. We are sure that Rextroy will also be in WoW (buy now ) Dragonflight will again find some errors in the game with which he can do some practical jokes. But now the sadness prevails target toad. In a mini best-of video he shows again how it all started with the toad oneshots and how to become invisible forever as a dark iron dwarf.

Best of Toad oneshots and the invisibility bug

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It started with that Death Knight AoE One-Shot. Gently squeezed toad allowed Rextroy to create an army of exploding undead with the PvP talent Create Zombie, which he could use to wipe out large groups of enemies. The toad also helped him become almost immortal. And not only in the Horde capital Orgrimmar, but also in other PvP situations.

However, the main topic of the video is how to become permanently invisible as a Dark Iron dwarf. For this trick uses Rextroy Pinchwhistle’s “Nitrofuel”to die next to an open fire and shortly before his death mole machine to use. The alcoholic beverage deals damage to players next to fire sources.

Basically, it’s about using the mole machine exactly when you die. Once you revive, you’re completely invisible. Well, not quite. Your health bar is still visible, but using this with other abilities like feign death or camouflage will also make the HP bar invisible to enemies and teammates, and you’ll remain completely stealthed even while taking damage! Crazy. The effect even lasts beyond the loading bar (entering instances, for example). Of course, Rextroy took advantage of this directly to troll the Horde in front of Orgrimmar.