YouTube star Fritz Meinecke causes controversy with viral Instagram posting

7 vs. Wild - Fritz - Meinecke

Just before the production of the second season of 7 vs Wild comes the creator of the successful YouTube format, Fritz Meinekehit the headlines again.

A few weeks ago, a video on the 33-year-old’s main channel caused a heated discussion. There was a scene showing Meinecke riding a bike with a scantily clad lady on the side of the road “F*cki f*cki, 5 euros” commented. This excerpt, just like the thumbnail on which the woman was also seen (also uncensored), has meanwhile been removed or replaced without comment.

Why this statement is so problematic and why many viewers would have wished for a little more tact and sensitivity from a public figure, at least in retrospect, we explain in this post.

While there was discussion on the net and many demanded a statement from Meinecke, he published an Instagram story a little later. However, he did not show any signs of insight, instead emphasizing it clear and distinct: “Anyone who finds this sexist and disrespectful is wrong on my channel.”

Fritz Meinecke made headlines again with a provocative statement

Fritz Meinecke is currently traveling on a tropical island, from where he produces videos for his two YouTube channels, among other things. A recent story on his Instagram channel but now led to a renewed flare-up of the discussion about Meinecke.

What happened? The excerpt from Meinecke’s story was posted by Simon Kratschmerthe part of the Hamburg media production company Rocket Beans TV is. In the post on Twitter, Krätschmer only writes: “Is that that 7 vs. child?” He also posted the picture with the current statement from the story. In it, Meinecke responds to the following question from a user: “why always so toxic”.

© Instagram: Fritz Meinecke

The answer that followed might come as a bit of a surprise considering the great discussion that has already taken place around the bicycle video. In his story, Fritz Meinecke writes openly and bluntly that the completely effeminate do-gooders in society annoy him. He constantly had to justify himself for everything, while everyone felt they had been stepped on. You are expected to behave in a politically correct manner at all times.

“This completely effeminate, do-gooder society gets on my nerves. Yes, don’t offend, don’t step on anyone’s toes and justify everything. Trigger warnings here and there. Always politically correct. He/she/various * inside naming of terms, you are not allowed to say that anymore, he/she feels attacked by it…”

“I want to shake them sometimes. Out of love, of course.”

In addition, he criticizes gender and the renaming of terms. There are a lot of things you can no longer say because others feel offended by them.

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How does Twitter react to Meinecke’s statements?

The answers under Simon Krätschmer’s tweet go in different directions. For example, one side complains that we “in a society of hypermorality” live and this is just exhausting and much too tense.

Another Twitter user responded:

“For a long time we lived in a society where ‘you have to be like that and everything else is not taken seriously’, that is currently being worked through. This is sometimes exhausting, takes a lot of time and energy, but doesn’t make it any less necessary.”

Some agree with Fritz Meinecke and his statement and call him a particularly authentic person, while others in the comments see the controversial point of view as very insightful or even problematic.

Some even go a step further and announce that they will no longer support 7 vs Wild. Here and there it is asked how current or supposed future sponsors will position themselves.

The Twitch streamer free space deer also published an opinion on Meinecke’s posting in a separate tweet:

“What’s the best way to wrap gender, toxic masculinity, trans, sexism, trigger warning, soft society and ‘I’m still a man with real balls and I can’t express myself'” in a slide?”

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Fabian Siegismund comments below:

“I don’t understand why he thinks it’s good news to admit that if he were open about what he thinks he would be socially unacceptable.”

Why is Fritz Meinecke’s statement problematic?

Ultimately, the opinions in the comments differ greatly, but Fritz Meinecke has done himself no favors with such a positioning, from which sexism, discrimination and homophobia can be derived at least to some extent. Overall, many different topics are mixed together in the post, lumped together and also related to do-gooders. This makes the classification into an overall context even more difficult and the boundaries of the different topics merge into one another.

Ultimately, this is certainly not the perfect starting point to start the second round in a few months with one of the largest and widest-reach YouTube formats, which will also include many younger viewers in particular. Under certain circumstances, this target group does not question such or similar statements, accepts them as their own opinion or puts them in a wrong context.