7 vs. Wild Season 2: Knossi trains with survival experts

Since Knossi his participation in 7 vs Wild With season two confirmed, many are debating how he will fare. He has no survival or outdoor experience, but should somehow prepare for the time in the jungle. Now he has one YouTube-Video uploaded in which he with his coach talks about the various challenges in the tropics.

SurvivalMattin helps Knossi prepare

In order to prepare for the time at “7 vs. Wild”, Knossi has one real experts wanted to help him. This is about Survival Mattin. Martin took part in the first season of the project and therefore knows the conditions better than anyone.

Right at the beginning he advises Knossi, what items he should take and why. The list consists of the following things:

  • tarp
  • mosquito net
  • firesteel
  • knife
  • paracord
  • water filter
  • cigarettes

Especially that tarp he thinks essential, as the shooting will take place in the rainy season. It will be according to Martin “30 to 40 liters per square meter per hour” rain. Even if it is dry during the day it will be very muggy, hence wet things dry badly. So Knossi should feel good protect from the rain.

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With the water filter it will be easier to Drinking water get. This must be collected and then passed through the filter so that it is freed from contamination. Drinking water is at the temperatures in the tropics be more important than anything else. Therefore, the water filter is also very important.

7 vs. Wild: 24-hour stream in preparation

Knossi wants his viewers on his take preparations with you. He also organizes one together with SurvivalMattin 24 hour stream, in which he spends a whole day out in the wilderness. He wants essentials there learn skills and Take tips from Martin with youwho can also help him later in the jungle. It’s supposed to be about that Experiences from the first season to pass on to him. Details about the stream are not yet known.

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