Bloodborne PSX: noclip documentary on the demake of the Soulsborne hit – News

Bloodborne PSX: noclip documentary on the demake of the Soulsborne hit - News

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Remakes of well-known and popular classics have been en vogue for quite some time. In the best case, they can let the possibly already dusty original shine in a new guise and let the unforgettable gaming experience be experienced again or anew. Demakes, on the other hand, are much rarer, as they go a different route. The term demake used to be used for recoding current software for weaker systems. Bloodborne PSX but has little to do with it and goes far beyond that.

Especially new games, like in this case Bloodborne (Test with a rating of 9.0), which with its graphic splendor, the spectacular effects, the large game world and complex mechanics as well as a demanding combat system seem almost inextricably linked to the new hardware of modern consoles and PCs, almost rule out a fully functional demake on superficial inspection. Especially if you want the result to be a typical PlayStation 1 game with a mid-90s look.

This project on which developer Lilith Walther has been working conceptually since 2017 – but the main development time was only an impressive 13 months – and that on February 9, 2022 published for free is, the latest documentary is dedicated to the noclip-Teams. With interviews, numerous gameplay scenes and previously unreleased concept and prototype material, the almost three-quarter-hour video, which you can find included under the news, outlines the ambitious development work and questions about trademark law. The documentary answers the question of how it was possible to squeeze the essence of From Software’s Soulsborne hit into a low-poly pixel corset of just 143MB with the look and feel of 1994, when the PS1 was just born the gaming world saw.

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