Fantastic Four: Theatrical release of the MCU reboot finally announced

Fantastic Four: Theatrical release of the MCU reboot finally announced

After Marvel Studios already in July 2019 Fantastic Four MCU reboot announced, it then became quiet about the project. That is likely to change again soon, however, because in the context of the San Diego Comic Con 2022 the company finally revealed the theatrical release of the film.

MCU Fantastic Four set for November 2024 release

The reboot of Marvel’s First Family will be released as Part of stage 6 of the cinema and series universe and is one of the first projects that we will see from this segment of the franchise. The potential blockbuster is expected to start on November 8, 2024 in cinemas worldwide.

However, further information on the comic adaptation is currently still scarce. With JonWatts Although some time ago a director was announced as Creators of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy over plenty Marvel Cinematic Universe experience but the filmmaker left Fantastic Four production in April this year. the Search for a successor already running.

In addition, it is currently unknown which actors we will see in the iconic roles. With John Krasinksi has Mister Fantastic in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” officially celebrated his MCU debut, but is still unclearwhether he will play the character in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

Apart from these ambiguities, it should Marvel’s longest-serving superhero team however, a crucial role in the Multiverse Saga play, as phases 4-6 are now officially called. With Kan the Conqueror Also, the next big MCU villain was officially confirmed and that character has already appeared in the comics several times with the F4 together. So a perfect match.

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The Fantastic Four in Comics © Marvel Comics

More details about the new “Fantastic Four” movie could possibly reach us in a few weeks. The DisInsider Show would like to know that Marvel Studios as part of the D23 Expo 2022 (September 9-11, 2022) the Cast of the MCU flick want to announce. This doesn’t seem entirely unrealistic, as the company has used the trade fair for major announcements before.