Final Fantasy 14: New Allagan stones with patch 6.2

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from Stefan Brunk
With the upcoming Patch 6.2 for Final Fantasy 14 there will be some changes to the Allagan Stones. While some of the older stones will be completely removed from the game, we will be able to hunt for the Allagan Stones of Causality in the future.

With patch 6.2 for Final Fantasy 14, the general item level is once again significantly increased. So you can stock up on new and stylish equipment in the new part of the Pandæmonium raid, but also from the dealers. At the same time it is also with the Allagan stoneswhich you receive for completing the various contents, will have some changes.

That changes with the Allagan Stones

Here we have clearly listed the changes to the Allagan Stones for you:

  • Allagan Stones epiphany: Will be completely removed from the game
  • Allagan Stones fantastic: Will be completely removed from the game
  • Allagan Stones aphorism: Can be exchanged for Stones of Astronomy
  • Allagan Stones astronomy: Weekly limit will be removed
  • Allagan Stones causality: New stones subject to the weekly limit

So that you don’t lose anything, you should exchange the stones that will be removed from the game at the latest by the time patch 6.2 is released. They will be new Allagan Stones of Causality be. They will be used to purchase the new job gear at level 90 and are subject to the weekly limit of 450.

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