GTA Online Now Has 6 New Vehicles After Summer Update – All Prices & Pictures

GTA Online Now Has 6 New Vehicles After Summer Update - All Prices & Pictures

GTA Online Summer Update 2022 is live. At the start of the update, 6 new vehicles are available. According to leaks, a total of 18 vehicles should come. MeinMMO shows you the new means of transport in an overview.

The GTA Online Summer Update is here and with it comes new content. MeinMMO shows you in this article all vehicles with prices and photos in the overview.

If you want to know more about the Summer Update content, head over here: GTA Online: Big Summer Update Is Live – All About Content.

We include the trailer for the update here:

GTA Online – Trailer for the new update “The Criminal Enterprises”

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GTA Online: Summer Update – All vehicles at launch

Here is the list of all vehicles right at the start of the update:

  • Conada
    • 1,837,500 – GTA$2,450,000
    • Elitas Travel
  • Pegassi torero
    • automobile
    • GTA$2,890,000
    • Legendary Motorsports
  • Lampadati Cosita
    • automobile
    • GTA$1,795,000
    • Legendary Motorsports
  • Benefactor LM87
    • automobile
    • GTA$2,915,000
    • Legendary Motorsports
  • Obey Omnis E-GT
    • automobile
    • GTA$795,000
    • Legendary Motorsports
  • Bravado Greenwood
    • automobile
    • 1,098,750 – GTA$1,465,000
    • San Andreas Super Cars

If you want to take a first look at the vehicles, you can find pictures of the new vehicles in the following tweet:

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