Horizon Forbidden West: Is Guerilla already working on a DLC?

Horizon Forbidden West: Is Guerilla already working on a DLC?

About five months ago, the long-awaited sequel to Horizon Forbidden West finally appeared Aloys First adventure and even if that was overshadowed by the monumental epic Elden Ring, the dinosaur-filled post-apocalypse managed to capture the hearts of many fans.

The subsequent attention and support from the developer studio is certainly not entirely innocent Guerrilla Games to the Open World hit: Numerous updates have further improved the game with new comfort functions and added an ultra-hard mode. Only from one DLC so far there is no trace.

Horizon Forbidden West: Actress Hints at DLC

Although in this regard it continues to be at one official announcement missing, a hint has now appeared that has brought a potential DLC back into the conversation and lets fans speculate whether guerrilla is currently working on one paid extension is working. To be fair, the DLC Frozen Wilds for Horizon Zero Dawn only appeared eight months after the main game, so the developers still have a little time.

The reference to a possible DLC for Forbidden West now comes from Peggy Vrijensthe actress who starred Aloy motion capture brought to life. A few days ago, she published a post on Instagram in which she drank from a Horizon Forbidden West mug and under which she wrote that she was now back in the studio and looking forward to new recordings (via 4players).

Of the Instagram post has since been deleted again: a sign that Vrijens actually prematurely shared a reference to the actually still secret DLC with the world. However, Vrijens has now uploaded another video on Instagram high where she is in the motion capture suit and with the words “Ready for some mo cap action” provided: Although this time is not an explicit reference to Forbidden West available, but in connection with the deleted post, fans will of course prick up their ears.

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