In Stray, this cute puppy also cuts a fine figure as the protagonist

Stray with a difference - with this mod (image source dog:

Stray with a difference – with this mod (image source dog:

Without his furry protagonist, Stray probably wouldn’t have become so popular. Cat fans have widened their eyes at the sight of the red velvet paw long in advance. But what about the dog people who would also like to let off steam in a cyberpunk adventure? A mod is aimed precisely at this target group.

Mod puts puppy in the spotlight

It’s all about this: At first glance, Stray seems like a game that needs absolutely no mods replacing the protagonist. But the fact that the title gives cat fans such an endearing main character has probably inspired some modders to experiment. In some cases it gets rather spooky, like when CJ from GTA San Andreas takes the helm. In other cases it remains cute.

So now there’s the “Happy Puppy” mod – and you can guess what it does. Exactly: she replaces the red velvet paw with a funny black and white puppy with big ears. But not only the main character is suddenly a dog, but also the other cats in the game.

Here you can see for yourself:

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Does this dog meow? You must have asked yourself that right away. The answer is: yes. Modder Crubino has plans to replace meowing with barking, but it hasn’t succeeded for all meowers yet. If you press the meow button, you will hear a throaty bark, but there are also moments when the dog expresses itself in “foreign language”.

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That should change in the future. Different color variants for the puppies are also to be retrofitted later.

More about Stray:

Dog haters against cat haters – the old conflict: Unfortunately, Crubino is not spared either. While some community members are hailing the mod, others are arguing over which pet is the real deal. Crubino therefore calls in an attached post to be nice to each other. While in real life some pet owners may have to choose between a cat and a dog for practical reasons, in games we can easily love both. If you download the mod, you can still have fun with the red cat and appreciate both protagonists.

For PC only: By the way, as you probably already know, this is not an official mod from the development team, so it’s only available for the PC version of the game. You can download it via NexusMods.

How do you like this mod and which animal would you like to see in Stray?