Logitech G Aurora: Cross-Gender Product Collection Introduced

Logitech G Aurora: Cross-Gender Product Collection Introduced

from Rhonda Bachman
With the Aurora Collection, Logitech G recently introduced a whole range of new products that are gender-neutral and are intended to promote inclusion. The collection includes a headset, two keyboards, a mouse and eight other accessories.

With the new Aurora Collection, Logitech wants to set an example for inclusion. When it comes to products, the company has moved away from the typical angular edges and black design and instead uses soft tones, transparent materials and soft lighting. The new collection consists of the G735 wireless gaming headset, the G715 and G713 mechanical gaming keyboards, the G705 wireless gaming mouse and other accessories.

Aurora Collection focuses on inclusion and comfort

Not only the new design, but also the comfort should be capitalized in the new collection. So in the design phase the team focused on making sure things like longer hair, glasses, earrings and smaller hand sizes were taken into account. The individual products should not only look good, but also feel good.

“Our goal to create a gender-neutral gaming collection has challenged us to put aside old notions – and ask ourselves some fundamental questions about our own love of gaming,” said Tiffany Beers, Head of Gaming Innovation at Logitech G. “We originally set out to design primarily for female gamers, and have not only achieved that, but also created a collection that we hope will have meaning for an even larger group of gamers beyond gender and stereotypes. We are passionate about the Aurora Collection and what it represents.”

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In addition to the headset, keyboards and mouse, the collection also offers unusual accessories such as a cloud-shaped wrist rest or a heart-shaped carrying case. There are also ear pads and boom microphones, G713 and G715 keyboard attachments, key pullers and brushes, and mouse pads.