Mother Nature trumps: Great landscape and animal photography from the PCGHX community

Mother Nature trumps: Great landscape and animal photography from the PCGHX community

from Stephen Wilke
Many members of the PCGHX community are passionate photographers of the amazing wildlife that surrounds us. With a keen eye, they are regularly out and about in nature on the hunt for interesting motifs. Today we present a selection of the successful results. How long will it be before PC games have a similar level of detail?

In the nature photography thread created by Jarafi, community members have been presenting successful photos of animals and landscapes since 2009. This distinguishes the thread from the DI thread, in which architecture, sports and portraits, for example, also play a role. The popular thread currently has around 800,000 hits and over 7,000 posts – high time to introduce it again at this point!

In the gallery we present some selected photos of PCGHX members. They should only make you want more, the selection was purely subjective. Details on the presented photographs and other recordings can be found in the PCGHX forums nature photography thread.

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