One Piece Film Red: 2nd Movie Trailer Confirms Comeback of Many Characters

One Piece Film Red: 2nd Movie Trailer Confirms Comeback of Many Characters

The last movie, the One Piece fans around 3 years ago was “One Piece Stampede”. This year, the next blockbuster is finally just around the corner. In One Piece Film Red the Straw Hat Pirates experience a new adventure with Shank’s daughter Uta, who has a special talent with her voice. A brand new trailer now reveals more details to look forward to.

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Reunion with many adversaries from One Piece

The new Trailers shows some scenes that we already know from the first trailer, but also some new excerpts. So we discovered some familiar faces that we know from Luffy’s previous adventures know and will appear in the film.

Who can you see? Among the characters shown are found some adversaries from previous seasons. The following people have an appearance in One Piece Red:

  • Charlotte Brulee
  • Charlotte Oven
  • Sakazuki (Akainu)
  • Borsalino (Kizaru),
  • Issho (Fujitora)
  • Koby
  • Blueno
  • 5 wise men

But Luffy and his crew will not only meet their opponents, but also well-known allies. So we can look forward to an appearance by the following characters:

  • Bartolomeo
  • Trafalgar Law
  • bepo
  • shanks

Of course, based on the scenes shown, it is not possible to weigh up how long the characters in the film will occur. But even a small reunion with beloved and hated characters makes the heart of “One Piece” fans beat faster.

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Uta shows off her singing talents in One Piece Film Red

We also see excerpts of the concert by Utaaround which the film will revolve. The character Uta is from the same two voice actors spoken: Kaori Nazuka takes over the dialogues from Uta, while J-Pop singer Ado sets the vocals to music.

Of course they are too Members of the Straw Hat Pirates themselves and we get a first glimpse of the outfits they will be wearing through the trailer. By the way, “One Piece Film Red” is the first film in the cinema in which the newest member of the gang has an appearance: Fishman Jinbei.

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