Pokémon GO: New Smoke brings 15 minutes of rare spawns – even the legendary Galar birds

Pokémon GO: New Smoke brings 15 minutes of rare spawns - even the legendary Galar birds

Pokémon GO has a new item: The “daily adventure smoke”, which also comes with a little special research. We’ll show you here what makes the new smoke so special.

What is this item? The “Daily Adventure Smoke” works similar to the normal smoke: you can click on it to attract monsters for a certain time. However, the new item brings with it a few special features.

  • You get the Adventure Smoke once a day and you can only keep one at a time.
  • The adventure smoke only lasts 15 minutes and only works while walking, i.e. moving.
  • According to the announcement, with the adventure smoke one encounters “possibly Pokémon that are otherwise rarely encountered in the wild”.
  • You cannot activate normal smoke while adventure smoke is running (and vice versa).
  • If you have fewer than 30 Poké Balls (or any Ball), you will get 30 additional Poké Balls when you activate Adventure Smoke.
  • At the end of the 15 minutes you get a small overview that shows which monsters you caught in the time.
  • Especially in rural areas, the smoke should help with catching – that should be a welcome change.

When is the item available? The Daily Adventure Smoke was featured and released on the night of July 26, 2022. It will be rolled out to all trainers in the game over the course of this week, so don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet.

But if you’re one of the gamers, you can use the Daily Adventure Smoke right now. There is only one requirement: you must solve the associated special research. You can find more information about this below.

What monsters spawn with the adventure smoke?

Trainers report spawns: In the Pokémon GO subreddit “TheSilphRoad” players are already collecting which spawns can appear with the adventure smoke (via reddit). The pool of spawns seems to be very, very large and pretty much includes everything. Also “ordinary” monsters.

But there are also special spawns that trainers report about. This includes developments such as Luxtra, Gengar, Charizard or Altaria, but also unusual spawns such as Spoink, Kaumalat, Strawickl or Wuffels.

Most interesting are the reports that the 3 new Galar versions of Arktos, Zapdos and Lavados can spawn with the adventure smoke. These weren’t even in the game before, but are now encountered by several players in the wild.

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This is the difficulty: All three legendary Galar birds appear to have a very low catch rate while also having a high escape rate. Accordingly, it can very well happen that you encounter the monsters but need a lot of luck to catch them and that in the worst case they flee.

So it can be worth trying raspberries and golden raspberries and throwing strong curveballs to increase the odds.

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What spawns do you encounter with the adventure smoke? Tell us in the comments! But in order to get started, you have to complete the special research.

Special Research “A Mysterious Smoke” – All steps

A Mysterious Smoke, Part 1: In the first step you only have to collect the first adventure smoke and you will be greeted by Rhi. The following Special Research is intended as a tutorial to show you how the Daily Adventure Smoke works.

A Mysterious Smoke, Part 2 (1/2)

Step Reward
Use 1 Daily Adventure Smoke 1000 XP
Use Daily Adventure Smoke to catch 10 Pokémon 1000 XP
Run 1 km 1000 XP

The total reward is 25 Poké Balls, a Pokémon encounter (Ponita), and 500 Stardust.

A Mysterious Smoke, Part 2 (2/2)

Step Reward
Use 6 Daily Adventure Smokes 1000 XP
Use Daily Adventure Smoke to catch 100 Pokémon 1000 XP
Run 10 km 1000 XP

The total reward is 2,500 XP, a Pokémon encounter (not yet known), and 2,500 Stardust.

What do you think of the new item? Is that a useful addition for you? Tell us in the comments! Otherwise, the Hisui event with the new hyper bonus is still pending this week.