PS5 survey: Hardly any of you are still looking for the PS5

PS5 survey: Hardly any of you are still looking for the PS5

The PS5 is still hard to get – many of you, not least at GamePro, have probably heard or read this sentence several times. Even more than a year and a half after its release, Sony’s latest games console is still not available to a sufficient extent to meet demand.

Accordingly, we wanted to know from you in our survey how the general mood for the PS5 hunt is now.

Either you have a PS5 or you don’t want one anymore

All in all 14,642 votes (as of July 26th) has the vote and paints a pretty clear picture:

  • Yes, I finally have a PS5 (48%, 6,975 votes)
  • No, I gave up (26%, 3,781 votes)
  • No, I’m still trying (15%, 2,192 votes)
  • No, I bought another console instead (12%, 1,694 votes)

Almost half of you have now been able to get hold of one of the coveted consoles. Congratulation! In the other half, the mood is rather bad. A quarter of you gave up the search completely and just didn’t feel like it anymore and almost an eighth bought another console without further ado. Just 15% of you continue to chase the PS5 bravely.

If you are still looking for a PS5, our ticker will help you:

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Ticker on replenishment and availability

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Under the survey, many still justified their decision. This shows that even many who have given up for the time being want to have the PS5 (or a successor model in the form of a Slim or Pro) in their closet at some point. Here are a few excerpts:

  • metal_marv: “I haven’t given up. However, I’ve moved away from the idea that I absolutely have to have a PS5. At some point I’ll have one, until then I’ll just keep playing on the PS4.”
  • Shallow: “I’ll buy one at some point in the sale, or when the Series X takes off. So far there are a few games on the wish list that are only available on the Playstation. But that’s not enough. I also hope so on a slim version, because I find the current console incredibly ugly and don’t know where to put it (because of the dimensions).”
  • Hamburger snack: “I was able to get my hands on the PS5 online at Saturn in May. I happened to come across the availability of two bundles and they were actually available for a “longer” period of a few hours. 🙂 Now I’m looking forward to the next one God of War and I hope to be able to shoot Ratchet & Clank and Miles Morales again cheaply by then.”
  • frog king: “But I’ve more or less given up now because my pride absolutely doesn’t allow me to spend more than 500 euros on it, and I’m slowly starting to ask myself the question? Should I still look for it at all or should I wait until an improved successor appears (PS5pro perhaps )!?”
  • xy maps: “At first I wanted to have one, but since it was so annoying with all the bots I actually gave up. Instead I got myself a Steam deck.”
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You can read more voices and opinions in the survey article. At this point, of course, a heartfelt thank you from us to you for your numerous participation and your comments.