PSVR 2 inherits one of the Oculus Quest’s most useful features

So sieht es also aus, das fertige VR-Headset für die PlayStation 5.

Thanks to See-Through View, you can see your surroundings even with the PSVR 2 headset on your head.

Sony has released some new details about the upcoming PlayStation VR 2, which should focus on the user experience. With the pass-through view, the VR glasses finally get a useful feature that the Meta Quest, formerly known as Oculus Quest, already has. But there was also work going on in a few other corners.

This is new to PSVR 2

in one blog entry Sony presents the new and improved features in more detail. This is what you can expect from the VR headset:

  • passage view: The see-through view allows you to look at your surroundings even with the headset on your head. For this, the image of the front cameras is simply played on your screens. Very useful if you are looking for your controller or want to orientate yourself in space. You can easily activate the function with the function button on the headset or via the control center. There is no recording function.
  • Broadcast function: If you have a PS5 HD camera, you can also stream while playing.
  • Customization of the play area: Using PSVR 2’s Sense controllers and built-in camera, you can scan the room and set the play area. The controllers then allow you to post-process that area.
  • VR mode: You can choose from two modes for your games. In VR mode you get the 360 ​​degree view and an HDR format of 4,000×2,040 at 90/120Hz frame rate.
  • Cinema mode: The second mode also allows you to play non-VR games and access the PS5 system via a virtual screen. The display is also in HDR video format with a resolution of 1,920×1,080 and 24/60Hz and an image frequency of 120Hz.
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According to Sony, PSVR 2 for the release with over 20 games at the start go, but not all of them have been confirmed yet. You can read here which games we already know for the VR headset:

All previously confirmed VR games for PS5 at a glance



All previously confirmed VR games for PS5 at a glance

When is PSVR 2 coming out? Unfortunately, Sony still hasn’t shared a release date for the hardware. But there is at least a small teaser: According to the blog post, there should be new information “soon” including the release date and other games that will be released for the platform.

You can find everything we know about the technology, controller, price and co. in our overview of PSVR 2. The first test impressions of the new VR headset are already there and sound pretty convincing.

Which features do you still need in a VR headset?