PSVR 2: These are the new features of the VR headset

PlayStation VR2: Photo of headset and controllers appeared, allegedly just a fake (1)

The Sony team has the next set of features from Playstation VR2 presented. The blog included the new one culvert view as well as the various transfer options in focus. However, we still have to wait for the first information about the release and price of the VR glasses. According to Sony there is “soon” more details on these topics – including some fresh games for the platform.

Easier to keep track

Some VR owners surely know the problem. You have put on the headset and are desperately looking for the controllers that are hidden somewhere in the area with your hands. With PS VR2, that just got easier. Thanks to the pass-through view, you can see surroundings, without taking the VR glasses off your head. Using the built-in function button on the headset or the button in the Control Center, you activate the integrated front cameras and see what is happening around you.

Play area can be customized

Another innovation is the ability to play area set up to your liking. Here, too, the integrated cameras are used, yours scan room and then turn it into a playing field. With the sense controllers the area can be expanded individually. If you come to the limits of your specified area while gambling, you will get a warning on your display.

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