Stray together: Stray is also available in multiplayer – with this mod!

Stray together: Stray is also available in multiplayer - with this mod!

Stray is currently like a red ball of fur on everyone’s lips – in the best sense. The cute kitty is roaming the screens everywhere and now you can even do that with a fluffy cat friend in multiplayer – unfortunately not officially, but with an interesting mod!

You can get the “Stray Splitscreen” from Nexus Mods Download and then play together. You then roam the cyberpunk world in pairs with a split screen. KangieDanie’s mod already works with either a split keyboard or two controllers, but it’s still in an early stage.

There are still some bugs, such as hangs that force you back into the main menu, but the first multiplayer approach still looks good and could be a really fluffy experience. Instructions on how to start the adventure together are also available on KangieDanie’s mod page.

One point of criticism, however, would be that this destroys the core of the atmosphere and plot a little, because Stray is about the cat traveling all alone in a somewhat oppressive, noisy cyberpunk city.

If she has a buddy with her, this critical situation is of course not so bad and relies more on collective cat nonsense. So I would rather first experience the narrowness of the virtual streets alone and only then trek around together.

More news about Stray:

The split screen is not the first exciting mod to the cat adventures of BlueTwelves. For example, there are ways to experience the game from a first-person perspective, or even with a dog – for whatever reason, it’s important to make sure you don’t see the cute cat… I don’t get it, but it’s a nice one It’s still a gimmick for Doggo friends.

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