Survival game on Steam makes you dependent on a liquid – players compare it with popular horror game

Survival game on Steam makes you dependent on a liquid - players compare it with popular horror game

The Polish developer studio Game Island has presented a new survival game. Even now, some players are comparing it to a popular horror game. Introducing the title, here you can see the announcement trailer:

The announcement trailer for the new survival game Serum

What kind of game is this? The new survival game from Game Island is “Serum” – a horror adventure that makes you addicted to a green liquid. This liquid also gives the title its name.

In serum, fluidity is critical. You have to inject them regularly into your character or he will die like our colleagues from learned from the developers.

What does the trailer show? The Serum trailer shows a spooky landscape (minute 00:02 to 00:14) in which the player is attacked by a dog-like monster (approx. minute 00:20). We also get a first glimpse of the serum being injected (minute 00:06).

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“The Evil End of Chernobylite”

What are the players saying about the trailer? The trailer for Serum also appeared on the YouTube channel of the gaming magazine IGN. There, numerous players expressed their first impressions of the trailer. Many compared it to the popular horror game Chernobylite, which has 83% positive ratings on Steam. But other games like Metro and Fallout were also mentioned.

  • Mav Vynn: “The game seems to be very similar to ‘The Beast Within’ and ‘Chernobylite’.”
  • zeeshan aftab: “Metro x Systemshock x Chernobylite = Serum”
  • Joydragon Gaming: “Looks like a halfway decent expansion for Fallout 4.”
  • Andrew.CP: “So this is what happens after we get the evil ending in the game Chernobylite…”
  • 2D OS Games: “Reminds me a bit of Bioshock, nice atmosphere!”

The fight for the green liquid

What distinguishes serum? Your task in Serum is not only to ensure your survival, but also to find out more about the mysterious liquid. You are subject to an eternal race against time, as you can run out of liquid. Then you have to find supplies.

New serum can be found in specific locations in the horror title’s hostile environment. But this world is just as deadly as missing an injection of the green liquid.

You have to fight against different creatures and arm yourself to survive. In addition to the usual melee and ranged weapons, there are also so-called “serum-controlled weapons” in serum.

But the serum is not only positive and can also change your character’s body, for example.

If you want to see the first game scenes of Serum, check out this video:

What do we know about the release of the game? There is currently no release date known, but Serum can already be released Steam be added to the wish list. A release before 2023 is currently not expected.

In addition, there is currently no information about a possible console release or publication via the Epic Games Store. For now, Serum is exclusive to Steam.

Serum is published by German publisher Toplitz Productions, who have more survival games on their 2022 release list. One of them is Sengoku Dynasty, which takes the player to feudal Japan and lets them build their own village there.

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