Windows 10: Problems with printers again

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After patch day

In addition to Windows 11, the July patch day does not go smoothly on Windows 10 either. Among other things, Microsoft confirms problems with printers.


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Windows is once again testing the patience of users.
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The July updates for Windows 10 were released around two weeks ago. Reports have been accumulating since the patch day that the patch KB5015807 provided is not free of problems. This download contains, among other things, security updates and should therefore not be postponed for long. Depending on the degree of concern due to current reports, the update provides a reason for some users not to simply leave their PCs and laptops to the update service during important usage phases.

As In summary, there were complaints in Windows’ own feedback hub and on the social news portal Reddit that the installation of the patch can already fail. The download stops abruptly and there is no warning message either. Elsewhere, cryptic error codes are provided (e.g. 0x800f0831), but research, as in many other previous cases, does not yield a solution.

There are also reports of printer problems, which Microsoft now also has in the List of Known Issues of the patch listed. In the process, duplicate printers that have already been set up are suddenly displayed in the device settings. If the printer is connected to an application with a specific name, printouts are prevented. As a temporary solution, Microsoft offers to delete the duplicates in the printer list that are not working. Alternatively, reinstalling the printer driver might help. Microsoft is currently working on a solution. However, there is no date for a putative bug fix.

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Windows 11 can also have nasty surprises in store for users in July. First there were boot loops that made it no longer possible to log on to the desktop. And for the past few days, people have been complaining about a broken start menu. We have noted details on this in a separate news item for Windows 11 patch KB5015882. Information on the July patch day for Windows 10 can be found in the following reading tip.

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