WoW: Dragonflight: Tinker your Dracthyr in the dressing room – without alpha access!

Many players also don't like the house and yard chef Nomi: The idea, which is nice in itself, suffers from too much coincidence.

from Sebastian Glanzer
If you want to play the caller of the Dracthyr in WoW: Dragonflight, but don’t yet have access to the Dragonflight Alpha, you can use WoWHead’s Dressing Room tool to see what configuration options are available and how actually transmog items are attached to the dragon form look of the caller.

With the upcoming WoW expansion Dragonflight, many players will be prepared for the new class Caller of the Dracthyr overthrow. Much like the demon hunter in Legion, the Dragon Isles and Horde and Alliance capitals will be teeming with dragon creatures. Similar to Worgen, they have a human form and a Dracthyr form for combat.

This dragon form is something new in WoW (buy now )since in the transformed form compared to balance druids some of the equipped armor parts are visible – but only partially! Dork transmogs tend to become next to impossible with Dragon form because except for the shoulders, tabard, weapon and belt, nothing can be changed on the outside – at least not via the well-known transmog system. Helmet, bracers, leg armor, etc. can be optically adjusted for dragon form at the hairdresser. There are ready-made armor items here. Anyone planning to play Rufer and wondering what their dragon form will look like can now test it without access to the alpha. Because the WoWHead Dressing Room now also has the function for the Dracthyr.