Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Test comparison of German magazines [4/6] – News

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Test comparison of German magazines [4/6] - News

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With the last update, the GamePro and PCGames ratings were added.

In our comparison of grades Xenoblade Chronicles 3 we list tests, reviews, ratings or whatever from the following German online game magazines – regardless of the fact that some of them also publish print offers (aka booklets): CBS (Computer Bild Spiele),GameStar.de (& GamePro. de) GIGA.de, PCGames.de (& Videogameszone.de), Spieletipps.de and, of course, GamersGlobal.de – whereby we politely place ourselves at the end of the review list. What is important to us: A rating can only be a rough description of the game quality – please read the respective test report before you comment on a grade that might be out of the ordinary. The magazines Gameswelt.de and Eurogamer.de no longer appear since they decided to no longer write a rating under their tests.

Rating comparison: Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Review by note/link Quote from the review
computer image games Not tested*
GameStar /
v. 100
Actually, I get everything here that I expect from a game of this kind: A brilliant setting with an intriguing storyline, interestingly written characters, a few quirky jokes and a fun combat system. So what the heck do I want more? Well, I don’t want to be bothered by overly long movies while I’m gaming. Stop! Yes, I know that all cinematics can be skipped. But that would make me miss the story almost completely.
GIGA Not tested*
PC Games /
v. 10
In the best Xenoblade manner, the start is rather slow and you have to be patient, especially later on, because some fights feel unnecessarily stretched. This has caused frustration for me, especially when a second attempt was due. The mediocre graphics and the technical inconsistencies are a real shame, but the art design shines again. Otherwise, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has become one of the best JRPGs of recent years
Game Tips 90
v. 100
A gripping story, interesting characters, a complex combat system, a catchy soundtrack and a beautiful, comprehensible world with many tasks. The only thing I can complain about is the Switch’s decrepit technology. The stuttering bothered me at first. It then subsided, but I can’t say at all whether it became less or whether I just got used to it.
GamersGlobal 8.5
v. 10
Why I like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 a bit better than its predecessors is not so much because the numerous innovations significantly increase the depth of the game, but because almost all of them improve the gaming experience. This applies to the larger party as well as the possibility of changing classes, the Ouroboros form or the often spectacularly staged chains of attacks.
average rating 8.8 *Last checked: 7/26/2022, 5:30 p.m

We calculate the average rating based on the 10 system, so a “75” corresponds to a 7.5. Of course, the rating systems and philosophies differ in detail. If a magazine awards different ratings or grades depending on the platform, we use the highest for the average. If a test has been published by a magazine in the meantime, which is marked as “Not tested” here, we would be happy if you mention the rating along with a link as a comment.

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