YouTuber Danny is convicted of rape, Papaplatte and Co. turn their backs on him

YouTube - Danny

In the past few days, there has been a message about the YouTuber and Twitch streamer Danny for headlines. Due to the double rape his ex-girlfriend, this one was turned into a by the court suspended sentence of one and a half years sentenced.

After the verdict became known online, many of his colleagues distanced themselves, while many other well-known YouTubers and streamers also sharply criticized Danny’s actions.

a notice: This post is about sexual abuse. You should therefore stop reading at this point if you feel uncomfortable with the topic or have had similar experiences. At the end of this post, you’ll find a variety of ways to get free help and advice quickly.

District court convicts YouTuber Danny of rape

Why does it go? As has now become known, District Court of Nuremberg the YouTuber Danny to a A suspended sentence of one year and six months sentenced. This message was shared by his ex-girlfriend “Vi” in a tweet that has since been deleted. Only through this tweet did the case and the verdict become fully public.

Many people on Twitter were shocked by the news and there was a lot of encouragement for the young woman. On the other hand, fans and colleagues of Danny were shocked and at first did not know how to deal with and react to the situation.

Gradually, many colleagues distanced themselves from the YouTuber with whom Danny had worked on Twitter. Including that one Rapper T Lowwhich has been the focus of Danny’s VLOGs lately.

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This also showed up “shocked, super confused” and don’t know how to deal with the situation. He also writes in a story on his Instagram profilethat he knew about the topic, but had initially believed in Danny’s view. Only after the court ruling did he distance himself from Danny and announced that the joint VLOGs would also end.

Many other YouTubers and streamers spoke up on this topic and sharply condemned the act.

The Twitch streamer MontanaBlack writes on Twitter:

“Someone who rapes a woman, under whatever circumstances, shouldn’t be a part of our society for a long, long time. The German judicial system disgusts me at least as much as the perpetrators themselves.”

Shurjoka writes:

“Yesterday the double rape of a woman by an influencer went viral. Today in the Drukos people are discussing ‘what could justify rape’ ‘whether he had to confess’ ‘that he seems too nice to have done that’ and ‘who would protect his bro too’.

Many others stated on Twitter and other social media platforms that they clearly distance themselves from sexual violence and wish the victims of such acts a lot of strength.

Former sexism debate about YouTuber Danny

There was already a heated debate at the beginning of 2021 sexism debate on Twitch and Twitter, which are also about said Danny and the streamer Tinker Leo turned. It was about a situation that took place in the game “Rust”. Danny asked in the game Tinkerleo: “Want to sit on my face?” However, this sentence did not go down well with her.

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Apparently it was just a well-known inside joke from Danny’s circle of acquaintances. However, since the two streamers met for the first time on the “Rust” server, Tinkerleo could do very little with the spell.

Ultimately, Danny apologized to Tinkerleo and he apparently realized his sexist insider was misplaced. In the meantime, both streamers have spoken out and the debate has ended.

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