Zelda Cosplay from Twilight Princess hands you the Master Sword

Zelda Cosplay from Twilight Princess hands you the Master Sword

While Zelda fans patiently waiting for Breath of the Wild 2, which was postponed at the end of March, they pass the time dismantling the first part: this happens, for example, in the form of multiplayer mods or crazy players that all shrines without using the actually essential ones master modules.

Also a good way to while away the wait for the sequel Open World Zelda to drive away is the nostalgic journey into the past: with old Zelda titles, such as Wind Waker, originally described as “cringe” by Shigeiru Miyamoto, or the gloomy one Twilight Princess. The cosplayer TheFurrySnake has also dealt with the latter.

Cosplaying Princess Zelda takes us on a nostalgic trip to Hyrule

For this she slips into the outfit of Princess Zelda herself, who wears a very special robe in Twilight Princess: With the subtle mixture of white and purple as well as the magnificent gold, she stands out strongly from the pink-pink Ocarina of Time or the extremely colorful Skyward Sword outfit.

Also Smash Bros. fans will recognize this version of Zelda because the Princess of Hyrule always graces the brawl in this outfit. The only thing she can’t use there is the Master Sword, after all, that needs the green pointed cap Link. Handy, then, that they also have it on this one Cosplay kept for her favorite hero.

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More adorable cosplays

Not only Princess Zelda, with her magical performances, is a welcome guest in the cosplay community: Other costumes can also enchant us – or even let us fall into shock. This implementation of the Batman villain Joker as a woman, for example, makes our blood run cold, after all, the crazy clown is capable of anything.