eShop Selection 32 video

eShop Selection 32 video


The episode is aimed at everyone who loves interesting stories. From the surreal criminal case to the fairytale family chronicle, there is a lot on offer.

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As an interactive medium, games have their own unique opportunities to let you experience stories. Movies can also expect you to think along and books build on your imagination. But games need you so that the story can unfold. You have to act – whether you explore the virtual game worlds at your own pace, overcome dangers or influence the course of the story with your decisions.

There is a colorful mix of remarkable stories in this episode of the eShop Selection. We show you: A procedural road trip, a feverish dream-like criminal case, an animated art story and, to top it off, a tragi-comic family story with a good portion of magical realism.

Today’s games:

The fine print: The video is a commissioned work for Nintendo, which also chose the games; the recorded game scenes and moderation texts come from us. The next video will follow in a few weeks.

Enjoy watching!

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