GTA Online: You can now equip armor and eat snacks so easily

GTA Online - Armor and Snacks

The summer update for GTA 5 Online is there. There are a lot of cool innovations coming like cars, weapons and new missions. Rockstar Games also has something about it ease of use screwed what many players eagerly awaited to have. It’s a lot easier now, for example eat snacks and put on armor. In this article, we will tell you exactly how this works.

GTA Online: Improved usability

As part of the summer update The Criminal Enterprises lots of additional content has been added. A new feature that many may have expected has come with a easier usability to do. Rockstar himself says it’s one of the “The most requested gameplay improvement by the community” is.

Itself armor to put on and snacks to eat was one quite a cramp. It had to be awkward about that Menu searched and selected will. This can cost valuable time in tricky situations. Now Rockstar has decided to do this a little easier to design.

This is how you choose snacks and armor on the PC. © Rockstar Games

Armor and snacks can now be selected while in the weapon wheel are. The wheel continues to function as usual. Top left but now a selection appears to eat snacks or put on armor with the push of a button

It’s similar on PC and console, just those Keys are logical other. You lose so much in a fight less time and you can get back to your team faster.

GTA 5Summer Update 2022 in GTA Online is now available – all information at a glance

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What else does the update bring?

The Criminal Enterprises was released on July 26, 2022 and brings a lot of expansions into play. This includes new ones missions, vehiclesextensions of possession like propertyone new weapon and many In-Game Rewards. If you are interested in the topic, take a look at ours further posts for the summer update.