Intel Arc A380: Custom model spotted by Asrock

Intel Arc A380: Custom model spotted by Asrock

from Rhonda Bachman
A video has appeared on the Chinese website Bilibili showing a custom model of the Intel Arc A380 from Asrock. The manufacturer already offers a range of Intel mainboards. Apparently, Asrock will no longer appear as AMD’s exclusive partner.

Asrock will apparently make both AMD and Intel graphics cards in the future. So far, the manufacturer has been an exclusive partner of AMD, regularly launching new custom models of Radeon GPUs. A video on the Chinese website Bilibili now showed a graphics card from Asrock based on the Intel Arc A380 Challenger. The Arc A380 is an entry-level graphics card that competes with the slowest cards from AMD and Nvidia.

After mainboards, now apparently also graphics cards from Intel

The graphics cards would not be the first Intel products that Asrock makes. The company already offers a range of Intel 600 series motherboards and is also preparing for the next generation 700 series. So far there are no indications that Asrock intends to launch custom models from Nvidia’s Geforce series in the future.

So far, the entry-level Intel Arc A380 graphics card in the Gunnir Photon OC forum is only available in China. Golem’s colleagues recently teamed up with Computerbase and Igor’s Lab to import and test the map. However, the Intel Arc A380 Gunnir Photon OC could not keep up with the competition from AMD and Nvidia.

According to the colleagues, the performance is significantly worse and would also require more power than the other graphics cards. Another evil are the drivers and the game compatibility. However, the comparatively large graphics memory with 6 gigabytes and the AV1 acceleration with decoding and encoding were positively highlighted. In addition, the ray tracing performance should not be bad.

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Source: Wccftech, Videocardz