KOTOR remake is probably taking a forced break – development stop

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - Remake - Bild

A new Bloomberg article wants to confirm that the planned remake of Knights of the Old Republic from Aspyr Media has been postponed indefinitely. It is initially on hold until those responsible know how the project will continue.

Why is? The developers at Aspyr Media, who in the past have often been affected by their ports like the KotOR 2 port for Nintendo Switch attracted attention were eventually tasked with developing a proper remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

What is the problem? Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake was released in Sep 2022 announced. It is already over three years in development.

No real release date has been set yet, but whatever that should have been, it’s probably in the distant future now.

Why is the Knights of the Old Republic remake being paused?

Jason Schreier writes that the “Star Wars” game in serious difficulties located.

Aspyr Media, now part of the Embracer Group, would have fired the art director and the design director without further ado. They confirmed to the employees that the project had to be paused. The company is now looking for “new contractual partners and development opportunities,” says Schreier.

And he also says that the team behind the remake on April 30, 2022 a vertical slice (presentable cross-section of the game) would have completed. This demo went to the partners at Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC and Sony Group Corp.

Due to the fact that most developers at Aspyr had a good feeling about the demo, the dismissal of Jason Minor (art director) and BradPrince (design director) been such a shock.

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As a result, the authorities at Aspyr Media would have announced that the vertical slice probably not at the level where he should have been. According to two people from the meeting, it has to Project therefore paused will.

An inside source with knowledge of the discussions mentioned that “a disproportionate amount of time and money” went into the demo and the current course of the project is unsustainable.

Internally there was probably talk of one Release towards the end of 2022. But other participants held 2025 probably for a more realistic goal.

Actually, the team at Aspyr shouldn’t have spoken about it, but Jason Schreier is known for his credible sources and so there is basically nothing wrong with the report. So we can assume that’s true and that the future of the remake remains uncertain for now until there’s new news from Aspyr Media.