Lost Ark: Update today brings jewel for the arcanist and bug fixes – 4 hours server down

Lost Ark bringt heute Bugfixes und neue EU-Server – Alles zur Wartung und dem Server down

Lost Ark is up for the weekly update today, July 27th. This is the first patch after the big July update and therefore primarily contains bug fixes. But for fans of the Arcanist, there is actually something new. We at MeinMMO summarize.

What’s in the update? The first updates after the large, monthly patches in Lost Ark are usually rather small. It’s the same this week, because Lost Ark is mostly trying to fix bugs.

There are only two things that are really new in the update. For one thing, the arcanist finally gets the Emperor’s Jewel. This one has been missed by fans over the last week as the gem makes a certain Arcanist build significantly more powerful.

Roxx said on the forum that it was a bug that it wasn’t in the game from the start, so it’s basically just a bug fix. Nevertheless, all Emperor Arcanists can now look forward to more damage.

What’s next? The second innovation takes effect on your island. Since the July update, there has been a jukebox that can play different pieces of music that you have to unlock. In March, all players in Korea received the piece “Consolation” as a gift to celebrate the global launch of Lost Ark.

We are also getting this song for free with today’s update and you can activate and play it on the jukebox on your island.

In the trailer you can see the arcanist and what she can do:

Lost Ark: Arcanist in the trailer

Lost Ark down today, Wednesday, July 27th, probably until 1 p.m

How long does the server status stay offline? The update starts, as usual, at 9:00 a.m. our time. The game servers will be shut down punctually and will remain down for probably 4 hours this week. If everything goes according to plan with the update, you can return to Arkesia from 1 p.m.

We’ll keep you up to date in this article and report in good time about changes in plans and when the servers are back online.

There will probably not be a big download on Steam either, as most of the changes this week are rather small.

All patch notes

In addition to the changes described above, there are the following bug fixes for the western version of Lost Ark with the update on July 27th:

  • The alert settings in the menu have been corrected and now work as intended.
  • Fixed the issue where the current channel was not displayed in the channel window.
  • Updated the text for the various Steam Achievements so you can better see how they can be obtained.
  • Jukebox tracks now play correctly when using the Korean Voiceover Pack.
  • Gold, which you get with a purchased power pass, can only be used after 3 days.
  • Due to an unexpected issue with the Weekly Relationship Chest, the item has been temporarily removed from the in-game shop.

What do you think of the weekly update? Are you currently playing the Arcanist and missing the gem? Or is this week’s patch of little importance to you? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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Starting today, new Twitch drops in Lost Ark give you cool sunglasses for the hot summer time