Microsoft: Xbox Series X/S now runs significantly faster

Xbox Series S and X size comparison

Boot Boost

Thanks to some software improvements, the Xbox Series X and S now run significantly faster, according to Microsoft. The boot process only takes a few seconds.


Both console versions benefit from the innovation.

Thanks to some software improvements, the Xbox Series X and S now run significantly faster, according to Microsoft. Of the The boot process should only take a few seconds after a firmware update, including a shortened logo animation when booting the console. This is from a report by The Verge out.

The boot time became like this reduced from around nine seconds to just four seconds. Particularly impatient players can get started even faster than before. Although the time mentioned only applies to a completely switched off console, the improvements also have an impact on the energy saving mode. Here is the time to boot up reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds be.

The changes are currently only for Xbox Insider available who can test the new firmware update. You can sign up for the program on your Xbox console by clicking the “Xbox Insider Hub” in the Microsoft Store and then installed it. It is not yet known when the improvements will also be introduced for everyone else.

Xbox Series S and X size comparison

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