MyMMO survey shows: You are real collectors of Steam games

MyMMO survey shows: You are real collectors of Steam games

Steam is a gaming platform that hardly any PC gamer can ignore. We wanted to know from you how many games you own on Steam and you answered us in large numbers.

That was the question: Steam offers its users a huge amount of different games from all genres and areas. Many of them are completely free, others are sold for little money during big sales. Accordingly, considerable amounts of games have accumulated in the user libraries over the years.

We therefore asked you in a survey how many games are in your Steam collection. Here’s what you told us.

These are the results: A total of 3,506 readers took part in the survey. Each had only one vote that could be cast, and the election was irreversible.

  • 26.64% – Between 100 and 250 games
  • 22.1% – Between 250 and 500 games
  • 14.26% – Between 50 and 100 games
  • 14.2% – Between 500 and 1000 games
  • 12.6% – Less than 50 games
  • 9.32% – More than 1,000 games

According to this, almost 90% of the participants have more than 100 games in their Steam library. Almost half (45.62%) own over 250 games and one in five have over 500. So you’ve accumulated quite a significant amount of games.

“I have no idea how it happened”

That’s what you said: In the comments below the poll, you told us more about your collections. Most users from the comments section had at least 100 games, many well over 500 if you count the DLCs. You revealed that you make extensive use of Steam’s features and offerings.

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The games from the collection are:

  • Free games that you can download just like that
  • gifts from friends
  • Part of Humble Bundle purchases
  • Part of the big Steam sales

Full-price game purchases therefore seem to be a rarity.

791 games, many of which were gifts, dusted off for free or simply taken away as part of some bundles.

Like the Humble “Stand with Ukraine” bundle recently. There were about 90 games there […]

MeinMMO user ratzeputz

In the course of 17 years, over 3300 games have gathered at my place. HumbleBundle collections are great.

MeinMMO user Merudo

So a large part of you likes to take advantage of the big offers from Steam and thereby constantly expand his or her collection. Due to the frequency of sales and the size of the bundles, some may even have more games and DLCs than they remembered. MeisterchickenXL, for example, writes slightly appalled in his comment:

I don’t know how, but it’s probably even ~1200. And I have no idea how it got to this point.

The collectors also openly admit that they haven’t played through most of the games in their Steam libraries, but still like to collect.

But there are also readers who own fewer than 50. For example, Leyaa wrote:

Less than 50. I mostly play single player games on Steam. MMOs often run better with the in-house client. Accordingly, I mainly have RPGs in my library.

Did you expect the result or was it unexpected? What was your assessment of the number of games in the Steam libraries of MeinMMO readers? Tell us in the comments.

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By the way, we’re running a follow-up poll about how many of all the games you’ve actually played. Participate!

How many games in your Steam library have you actually played?