Pokémon GO: All events in August 2022 – dates and bonuses

Pokémon GO: All events in August 2022 - dates and bonuses

In August 2022, many events will start for you in Pokémon GO. In this overview here on MeinMMO we show you all dates and bonuses and explain why certain events are particularly worthwhile.

What does this overview show? Every month, Niantic brings new themed events, spotlight hours or raid bosses into play. Here we show you all the events that await you in August 2022. In addition, the cups that are active for PvP players.

We update the overview for you regularly when there is new information and dates.

All events in August 2022 at a glance

Many events await you in the coming weeks. We have summarized for you in the following table which these are in August 2022.

Below the table we go into the events that are particularly worthwhile for you.

date events
July 27th –
August 2nd
Hisui event
(Surprise Event
with new Pokemon)
July 27th –
3rd August
PvP: Master League + Hisui Cup
(Cup: max. 1500 WP and Pokemon
from Hisui region)
July 31 –
August 10th
5er raids with Palkia
July 31 –
August 10th
Mega Raids with
Mega Rexblisar*
August 1 –
August 31st
research breakthrough
with Galarian Flunschlik*
August 2nd Limelight Hour with
Hisui Voltobal and Fang Dust
3rd August raid hour with
3rd August –
August 10th
PvP: Super League + Element Cup
5th of August –
August 7th
Pokemon GO Fest in Sapporo, Japan
August 9th Limelight Hour with
Nidoran (f)* and Fang EXP
August 10th raid hour with
Genesect (module still unknown)
Aug 10 –
August 16th
Event: Beetle Crawling with Beetle
Aug 10 –
August 17th
PvP: Hyper League + Summer Cup
Aug 10 –
18th of August
5 raids with Genesect*
Aug 10 –
18th of August
Mega raids with still unknown
13 August Community Day with Galar
August 16th Limelight Hour with
Wattzapf and Fang candies
August 17th raid hour with
Genesect (module still unknown)
Aug 17 –
August 24th
PvP: Super League + Battle Cup
18th of August –
Aug. 23
Event: Pokemon World Championships 2022
18th of August –
August 25th
Mega Raids with Mega Sluggish
18th of August –
August 31st
5er Raids with Zacian and
Aug. 23 Limelight Hour with
Nidoran (m)* and
Mail candies
August 24th Raid hour with Zacian
Aug 24 –
September 1
PvP: Super League, Hyper League, Master League
Aug 25 –
August 31st
Mega Raids with Mega Ampharos
August 27th Closing event for the GO Fest 2022
August 30th Limelight Hour with
Dusselgurr* and Development Ep
August 31st Raid hour with Zamazenta
Pokemon we with a star

marked, you can also hit as Shiny

Which events are particularly worthwhile in August 2022? The themed events:

  • So far, a few themed events are known about which Niantic wants to provide more information. Beetle Crawling (from August 10th to August 16th):
  • This event is said to be all about Bug Pokémon. At the same time, Genesect is also in the raids. Pokémon World Championships Event (August 18-August 23):
  • For the first time, Pokémon GO is part of the World Championships. The details of the in-game event are not yet known. Closing event for GO Fest 2022 on August 27:
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This event should be particularly interesting for many trainers. Niantic has already said that new special research and great Pokémon encounters await you. If you bought a ticket for the worldwide event on June 4th and 5th, you can participate in the final event for free. The details are to follow. Raids:

From July 31st to August 10th you will meet Palkia in raids of 5 people. Palkia is one of the best dragon attackers in Pokémon GO, making it an important part of the collection for many trainers. Genesect with its modules is interesting for collectors. Spotlight Hours:

Overall, the spotlight hours in August 2022 are not particularly exciting. Nidoran (f) and Wattzapf are still exciting candidates for PvP players. The rest of the Pokémon in Spotlight aren’t particularly interesting. When it comes to appointments, the bonuses are particularly worthwhile.

How do you like the events in August 2022? Do you already have a few favorites that you definitely want to take with you? Then write us your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments.

In addition, Niantic now wants to take tougher action against cheaters and spoofers. In the linked article we show you how to do this.